Laurice Rahme

Interview mit Laurice Rahmé, Bond No. 9

Congratulations, Mrs. Rahmé! The Bond No. 9 – Shelter Island Eau de Parfum is the winner in our category “Design Men”. What makes this perfume so special?
It is so special as we combined – for the very first time – OUD with marine notes. A very eclectic and magic composition – one we are very proud of.

The name of the perfume takes its inspiration from the island close to the state of New York, isn’t it? Why this name? What was the inspriation for this specific name or that specific destination ?
The island gave the name. You know – we take our inspirations from neighbourhoods, streets, places in and around New York – and for our summer-creations we also take inspirations from islands : ). Since years we „bottle“ summer-feelings and summer- destination … it was just the turn for Shelter Island.

Once again a the perfume in an iconic Bond no.9 Bottle – this time bright and colourful. Which type of man is your winner product addressed to? Any specific type in mind?
To be honest – while creating our perfumes we do not have a specific type in mind – it is more about the atmosphere, the spirit, the mood. Shelter Island is a perfume – sorry to say so – not only be meant for men … its for all who enjoy a serene atmosphere and relaxing retreat zone.

How would you classify your perfume Bond No.9 Shelter Island? For which occasions would this Eau de Parfum fit best?
It is – as said the first marine OUD creation. Acquatic flavor combined with warm daring woods (Oud, Sandalwood, Amber – not to forget a hint of myrhh and musk) For which occassion? Definetely one where you want feel totally relaxed and stress – free. Or even better said – it will give you that attitude – so – for any occassion I would say …

BTW: Would you mind telling us your personal favorite fragrance/perfume?
I love them all but right now my favorite is the one I am currently working on!