Interview mit Kilian Hennessy, President des Duftlabels „By Kilian“

Congratulations Mr. Hennessy. The design from „In the Garden of Good and Evil“ did persuade the Prix de Beauté Jury in the categorie Fragrance Women. The perfume‘s name surely leaves room for some speculation. What was your inspiration for the design?
For me, a great perfume is a great story, long before being a beautiful olfactive harmony. And of course the design is part of the story.

The collection, called IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD & EVIL, is a contemporary metaphor of the myth of the original sin! What interests me is the internal battle we all face when we are « tempted » by something…or someone! Will I resist or will I surrender to the temptation? That’s why the entire collection is built on this contrast between white (symbol of purity) and gold (symbol of vanity) to express this internal battle. The fresque motif engraved on the side of the bottle expresses the myth of the original sin, quintessence of this collection: the twosome intertwined with the snake, the door to the lost paradise, the forbidden fruit and the grapevine. And of course the packaging…a case reminiscing of 1930’s cigarette cases with a 24 carat gold snake who protects the inside, the perfume.

The design of the flacon relates to the fragrance like good relates to bad. Did you have a muse for your creation? What type of woman did you think of during your production process?
I never think about a woman specifically. What interests me is to create strong olfactive stories! Because the stronger they are, the more powerful and beautiful one feels wearing them. Ultimately, perfume is about seduction AND protection!!!

Let’s get back to the slogan of your fragrance: Good and Evil. How did you manage to combine two of the worlds most opposing forces in one design?
Please refer to question 1

One last personal question: Can you let us know which fragrance you are wearing tonight?
I am wearing IN THE CITY OF SIN…it is the olfactive impression of Plum and Apricot melting on to hot wood… sinful!